The Greedy Pig review

Rapidly turning into a Leeds institution, The Greedy Pig has established itself as an important part of the Leeds independent food scene. With previous popups ranging from the ambitious ‘From the Nose to the tail’ supper club @outlawyachtclub to the Halloween @sneakyexp with their pork and chorizo meat balls stealing the show. Next up is their first Sunday Brunch at Belgrave Social Club on Sunday 9th March (11am-4pm) following in the foot steps of @LaynesEspresso’s. Let’s hope they too have bleary eyed twenty somethings in skinny jeans and flip flops queuing out the door.

At the heart of all this is The Greedy Pig itself, located just a stones throw from Leeds city centre on North Street. What on first appearance looks fairly unassuming, a first glance at the menu reveals the great local ingredients and mouthwatering food on offer. Moving to Leeds 2 years ago, it was one of my first recommendations from a friend, who told me their veggies sausages alone were worth the visit. She was right! When friends come to visit this is often one of our first stops and the one place people want to come back to when they return to Leeds.

As you’d expect from their name, their pork dishes shine. From a humble bacon sandwich with thick, salty rashers cooked to perfection to their hog roast sandwich – succulent and crisp pork belly cooked in a perfect blend of herbs with apple relish and crisp leaves (One is never enough). Also of note are the burger specials and outstanding pulled pork (they managed to get in there before pulled pork filled our Instagram feeds)

A stand out dish is their crispy chicken sandwich with home made slaw, the tender chicken and crispy coating a contrast to the fast food standard which would have made a bigger dent in your wallet. The pancakes, unpretentiously served, are fluffy and soak up the melting butter and maple syrup a treat! With the money saved I’d highly recommend adding a side of twice cooked chips (fat, crispy and fluffy on the inside) or even a home cooked brownie or quality coffees available.

Jo, half of The Greedy Pig’s dynamic duo along side chef Stu, once said to us they simply ‘make food to order, that’s all it is’ (modest indeed). You’ll struggle to find anything that costs more than a fiver and all this served with a friendly smile. The Greedy Pig proves that affordable food needn’t sacrifice quality or taste. With so much in the pipe line, I think we’ll be hearing, seeing and tasting even more from them in the coming months.