Carter’s creamy chicken

Chicken wine final

So for Valentine’s day I was asked to make a low fat dish…I failed quite spectacularly on the low fat part but it went down a treat nevertheless. I usually use a base of carrots, onions and celery when making slow cooked tomato sauces for pasta but thought it would be a great base for a creamy white wine sauce too. Try and use decent chicken breast with skin on! Impress your better half with this…




ONE Pre heat your oven TWO Dice your carrots, onion, leek and celery and soften on a low heat in olive oil – about 10-12 minutes, season with pepper and just a pinch of sea salt THREE Preheat a grill pan on a medium flame FOUR Add your pancetta and thyme to the veg mix and cook for a further 5 minutes FIVE Skin side down, add your chicken to the grill pan, it should sizzle immediately. After 4-5 minutes turn it over (you should have a golden skin) and cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove your chicken from the heat SIX Add the white wine to the pan and let it reduce by half SEVEN Add the chicken stock and reduce for a few mins EIGHT Stir in the crème fraiche and add the chicken to the pan EIGHT Put the chicken in the oven for 20 minutes and you’re done

TO SERVE I grilled some asparagus and new potatoes but green beans, grilled courgettes or anything you fancy really

IDEAS Instead of white wine you could add a squeeze of honey and spoon of whole grain mustard



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