Apple scones

Apple scones final

SCONES shouldn’t be too fancy, to me they’re a vehicle for something even more delicious on top. Good for a mid week treat and take the leftovers to work but be careful not to over mix or twist the cutter when shaping.

Apple scones facts




ONE Peel, core and dice your apples TWO Add the butter and flour to a blender and blitz to a crumb (Or rub with your fingers) THREE Empty to a bowl and add the remaining ingredients, except the milk and combine FOUR Ready with a fork, combine the ingredients quickly, be carefuful not to over mix FIVE On a floured surface, flatten the mix to 3cm depth but again avoid the temptation to knead SIX Using a 6cm floured round cutter, cut downwards and don’t rotate, remove the off cuts from around the discs and lightly knead until you cut out 9 scones SEVEN Line up on a floured baking tray and brush with an egg or milk


WHY NOT TRY flaked almonds on top of the egg wash, using toffee pieces (but lose the cinnamon) or different shapes such a triangles or squares

ENJOY…hold on jam first then cream or the other way round


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