Courgette and Fennel salad

Quite a simple dish you can even knock up during the week (maybe not best in winter but who cares!). Inspired by a couple of recipes from @realnigelslater’s Kitchen diaries (my kitchen hero).
YOU’LL NEED (FOR 2) Fennel x 2 (or 1 large), Courgettes x 4, Basil x handful, Extra Virgin Olive oil x 4 Tbsp, Unwaxed Lemon x 1, Buffalo Mozzarella (Optional)
ONE Get the dressing ready by mixing the olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper/sea salt and basil (roughly tear) TWO Slice the fennel and courgettes lengthways (ideally using a madolin slicer) to a pound coin thickness THREE Heat up a grill pan nice and high and start with the fennel as they’ll take around 5 minutes on each side FOUR Whilst they are marinating in the dressing, do the same with the courgettes but lower the heat slightly and they should also take about 4-5 minutes on each side.FIVE For both we want black marking and some of the crunch taken out the veg SIX Toss these in with the fennel and leave for 10 minutes.

This can be served as a side for fish but I just had it with some creamy Buffalo Mozzarella (as Nigel Slater recommends, buy something decent here, it’s well worth it). You can save yourself a few quid by just doing this with just courgettes and have it as an impressive and quick side dish.



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